Monday, March 15, 2010

Actually, that explains a LOT ...

So, still hyper-busy on the Almanac, and probably will be for a few more weeks.  That means the usual programming is on hiatus for a bit.  Still, found out some interesting news that I wanted to share.  I'm a direct descendant of Julius Caesar.  I mean, how cool is that?

How do I know? Funny you should ask, other Jim. When I'm not making awesome Transformer books, I do data analytics for a company called  It's a really cool genealogy website that harnesses the power of social networking to let one build family trees. Basically, you start your tree, add in parents, siblings, kids, maybe a few aunts or uncles. But as you go, you have the option to invite those people to join your tree. If they want to, they too can add relatives. So, if you're not quite sure what your cousin's birthday is, she can add it herself.  Then add in her grandparents on her dad's side, whom you haven't even met. And if she invites them, the virtuous cycle continues.  In other words, not only does the tree grow vertically, but also horizontally.

What's the bottom line on all this? My 'family tree' has over thirty-six million people in it. And one of those people is Gaius Julius Caesar.You can even see the relationship path between us below:

Pretty neat, no? So, now I know why that weird Gypsy lady was telling me to beware the ides of March. Wait, what's today's date?

PS: Attila the Hun AKA "The Scourge of God" is my 39th great grandfather. Kick-ASS!


lonegamer7 said...

Flippin' cool. :D

Post No Bills said...

I played "Ides of March" from Iron Maiden's 1981 album 'Killers' in your honor! Also, cause it rocks.