Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Ark Addendum - Webworld (part 7)

Webworld! Webworld! Webworld!

Ahem. So, Webworld. Did you really think the paltry five patients from last week represented ALL of them? HAHAHA. NO!

Let's see. The spider-looking guy was marked as a patient, though he looks like he could possibly have been an early Alya design. Either way, it doesn't show up in the episode proper. I'm not sure the holly-bush monster (A SHRUBBERY!!! NI! NI! NI!) did either.

The Snail-guy did, though, curling up into his shell when menaced by Galvatron. The little gnome-looking fellow also made an appearance, in fact the first patient on the world that we encounter. The alien in the smock was working on some art therapy, and the many-legged creature literally goes to pieces when he sees Cyclonus and a Torkuli.

All told, a strange menagerie of patients from a variety of species. The designs definitely contribute to the feel of the madhouse that is Torkulon.


Anonymous said...

Awesome more art from my favourite episode, what a treat this is :D

Caleb Barber said...

I love incidental character model-sheets. It's like finding water in the desert.