Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ark Addendum - Bullhorn Transform

I do so like a nice bit of synergy. This week, for The Ark Addendum, I thought I'd bring you Bullhorn's transformation, in honor of Iván terrific piece from yesterday.

As far as the character goes, Bullhorn has never really excited my imagination. Cancer has one of the better arcs in Masterforce, and Wilder as the leader of the Destron Headmaster Junior trio naturally gets a decent amount of screen time. Bullhorn, though, is more-or-less just a dumb thug. His American counterpart, Horri-Bull (love the name), never gets much love either. So, it's nice for me to see him get some real personality in Iván's art. I'm looking forward to seeing that Mosaic.


Zobovor said...

They actually make Horri-Bull's toy look pretty cool here, considering how clunky and simple he actually was.

If characters had specific transformation models like this, I wonder why the animators weren't always consistent about following them? (Didn't know they existed? Couldn't find 'em? Too lazy?)

Caleb Barber said...

My guess would be too lazy/not enough time.

NuclearConvoy said...

I really love seeing these transformation pages. It is a damn shame you didn't get to include them in the actual book.