Monday, March 9, 2009

Iván's Gallery: Doryū

Continuing Iván's excellent examination of the Dinoforce, the mighty Doryū! Here is what the artist has to say about him:

Yeps, the second Dinoforce,
I do not remember anything special about it.
Doryu's inner robot shares the same mold as the Pretender Monster Scowl, transforming into a howler monster. He comes with a rubbery cyborg stegosaurus pretender shell that he can be stored in.

Doryu smaaaaaaaaaaart. Doryu can laugh. Doryu throw coconut good. Doryu make good Dinoking leg. Doryu..... ummmm...... Doryu......... is Doryu. Doryu is good soldier... When Doryu can find battle.

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Anonymous said...

lovely. The shading makes the dinosaur skin look terrific :)