Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AllSpark Almanac help

Normally on Tuesdays I try to share some behind-the-scenes production material. Unfortunately, today I'm hip-deep in AllSpark Almanac work, so that'll have to wait for next week. (I had some vague notions of throwing up some background models from Traitor, in honor of the gorgeous Mirage image from yesterday.)

In it's stead, I ask for some assistance. Anyone who's got Season 2 animated DVDs and the ability to take screengrabs, please drop me a line. I've got a request that I need some help with.

UPDATE: Thanks to Fort Max and Clawful, I'm all set!


Anonymous said...

I can get any screengrabs you want and from any episode.

Jimtron said...

Clawesome!!! Drop me an email! (there's a link on the About Me section)

Unknown said...

I should have checked in a couple of days earlier. I could have helped out. Really looking forward to this book BTW, I'd personally love to see some good clear modelsheets for all the characters