Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Red Shirts!

So, have you ever wondered what life on Kirk's Enterprise must have looked like to the poor grunts on the bottom of the totem pole? Those sad bastards who beam down and then get eaten by a dikironium cloud monster or struck by lightning or shot by a pod plant. Well, a good buddy of mine, Ben Warren, is one of the writer/producers of Red Shirts, a parody focusing on them. He's a talented and funny guy, and the videos they've released so far look hilarious.

Check them out on Facebook. If you like what you see, maybe kick in a few bucks. It's a small operation and every single dollar helps. I'd love to seem this series get made. is the place to visit if you're interested.  Of course, there are incentives, up to and including an Executive Producer credit.  Check them out, and be ready to laugh your butt off.


Anonymous said...

I was pretty partial to the secondary characters, reoccurring or not. I think Leslie had probably a single line the whole series, but he was there in the background allot.

Even the one-off's like Boma or Dave Bailey or the more regulars like Christine Chapel and Janice Rand. I know some had there own moments in the show, but I still would have liked to see an episode or two where the main cast are secondary to the plot. Sort of like ST:NG's "Lower Decks".

Unknown said...

I completely agree. Those stories were left untold. That is why I created Red Shirts. To tell those stories in a humorous light.

Jimtron said...

Babylon 5 did a story along these lines, A View from the Galley. My favorite bit was having the cliched scene where the weapons come back online at the last second, only we saw it from the POV of the tech under the console trying frantically to rewire it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Mr. Warren, I hope you get the funding you need.

I still need to watch Babylon 5 at some point.