Monday, March 14, 2011

Web-Comics, Blogs, Etc!

OK, just a small post today.  It seems I'm popping up all over the place!  So is my intrepid co-author, Bill Forster. 

Let's start with me.  I've been interviewed in a couple of places that are just popping up now.  One is my old pals at Moonbase 2, talking about the Ron Friedman draft of the Transformers: The Movie that I uncovered.  Download the podcast and head to their forums

Bouncing over to Bill, he's got his first webcomic off the ground.  Drawing from his four years of hell at the TSA, he's lampooning the men and women who keep us 'safe' in homelandsecuritytheater.  New comics three times a week. 

Finally, a company called Crave interviewed me for their blog.  Crave is a social marketplace that's looking to service collector's communities, and I've been helping them out with some brainstorming. 

Hope you guys enjoy these various links!

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D.M said...

Interesting thought that some season 3 episodes might have been animated before the movie itself. Perhaps "Starscreams ghost" was animated first? Would explain early model sheets.