Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Ark Addendum - Megatron's Master Plan (c)

Once again, I pick up where the Ron Friedman scripts left us off.  During that run, I posted the script to part one of Megatron's Master Plan - alas, no part two.  To go along with it, I posted some of the background models from that episode. 

Today, I bring you the third (of five) sets of models from that episode.  This time I'm focusing on the various energy producing structures that were visited over the course of the episode.  Oil drilling and refineries, solar collectors, coal mines, and electrical generators all showed up at one point or another in this story.  Hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Could you help me please. I heard that is a real website but when I try to go on it it wont let me. Is the site down?

Jimtron said...

Top level domains are no longer working, but you can still get to them here: