Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Ark Addendum - The Core (part 2)

Listen up, true believers!  I may be done with the Ron Friedman auction material, but its impact on the blog lives on!  Case in point, I posted some models for The Core, along with an incomplete script for that episode.  However, I've got a bunch MORE core models, so this week's Ark Addendum picks up where last time left off.

I do love the design sensibilities of the old cartoon.  I think that the vats are an especially Dery-esque contraption.  Hope you enjoy!

Oh, by the way, my intrepid pal Bish has been having some computer issues recently, which is why he's been a bit behind on his reviews.  Hopefully his system will be up and running soon so we can all enjoy his insights into the Marvel UK book and, of course, Space: Above & Beyond!

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