Monday, June 14, 2010

Iván's Gallery: Blood

Hullo, and welcome to another edition of Iván's Gallery. Don't let the title put you off too much, this is Blood, the Destron Pretender we're talking about here.  In his own words, here's what the artist has to say about this piece:

Tests tests tests, are only that, evidence.
G.1 design build and deconstruct, trying to guess what would be his best.

He is Blood, or Bomb-burst, as more you like.  It is an idea I have long ne head, and now I'm a bit lively and I have some free time I'm trying to accomplish.

Sincerely ... I do not see too many possibilities to the project, however, is more of a diversion than something feasible. And not because I think it's good, but ....

In any case, it is just that, a lot of sketches that I do on one of the characters, that I did last night in 20 minutes, maybe try something else today .... the truth is that I have enough ideas ..... we'll see what comes out.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice portraits! I love the colored one.

PS: Not put off by the title at all.