Sunday, November 12, 2023

A Few Rules for Predicting the Future by Octavia E. Butler

I first read Octavia Butler when my science fiction book club read Kindred a few years ago (we loved it but felt it was fantasy and not science fiction). I read her collection Bloodchild and Other Stories when I got it in a nebula award winning humble numbed and really enjoyed it. After that I would buy kindle editions of all of her series when the collected editions went on sale and I read and loved the Xenogenesis trilogy. But her other books stayed on my TBR shelf, getting passed over for newer things, until I recently read Octavia E. Butler: The Last Interview and Other Conversations which reminded me how much I loved her.  I’ve recently read Wild Seed and Parable of the Sower.  So I was excited when I saw this book on NetGalley and I got a copy from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  

I was hoping for an essay collection.  Instead this book is one essay.  It is a reprint of a magazine article with some disappointing and distracting illustrations.  It’s a good essay! I enjoyed it! But I wouldn’t pay what the publisher is charging to own this.  

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