Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Translation State by Ann Leckie

Book of my heart!!!!! I loved Ann Leslie’s writing from the first time I read Ancillary Justice (which I have reread and listened to the audiobook of several times). I so enjoyed the Imperial Radch universe and adored each book in that trilogy. Provenance surprised me by being so different while still being in that universe and being so wonderful. So I was utterly delighted when Orbit and NetGalley gave me an eARC of Translation State in exchange for an honest review. 

I bounced off the first chapter the first time I tried to read this book. But then I remembered how all of Ann Leckie’s prior books had a barrier to entry, and once I broke the meniscus I could dive right in and never look back. )Provenance is a particular example of this.) So I tried it again a few days later and I fell in love with Enae! This book has three protagonists that alternate chapters and Enae was my favorite. We don’t get a lot of middle-aged single people who get to be protagonists and have adventures and I just fell in love with Enae right away. I also loved Reet, and Qven took a little longer to love - Leckie is a whiz at capturing an alien mindset. 

I don’t want to a point the plot points because they were too good and I want you to find them out by reading. This is probably the best book of 2023 and I anticipate it being a strong Hugo contender for best novel (and maybe a Best Series nod?) next year. 

Buy this book! Now!

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