Saturday, July 31, 2021

Campaigns & Companions The Complete Role-Playing Guide for Pets

 Campaigns & Companions

The Complete Role-Playing Guide for Pets

I saw this book on NetGalley and I thought to myself, I love D&D, and I like pets, and I always chuckle at those “imagine if your pets were playing D&D” threads on Twitter, so I thought I’d like this book.  I enjoyed the first few pages.  After that, well, hmmm. Have you ever eaten an entire carton of ice cream? It seems like a good idea at the start - ice cream! It’s delicious! But when you eat too much it starts to taste bad and you start to feel bad and then you’re like why did I do this to myself?  That’s what reading this book is like.  It’d be fine as a gift to someone you don’t know well.  It’s the type of book to leave in a bathroom for guests to read if you’re the type of person who buys books specifically for the bathroom.  

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