Sunday, March 15, 2020

My 2020 Hugo nominating ballot

The world is falling apart and I feel like I’m a minor character in Connie Willis’s Doomsday Book or Sarah Pinsker’s A Song For A New Day, or possibly Mira Grant’s Feed. I’m working on some more reviews, but until then, I thought I might as well post my nominations for the Hugo Awards. Let’s hope we’re all around this summer to see who wins.

Best Novel
  • The City in the Middle of the Night ; Charlie Jane Anders; Tor
  • The Light Brigade; Kameron Hurley ; Saga
  • Middlegame ; Seanan McGuire ;
  • A Song for a New Day; Sarah Pinsker; Berkeley 
  • The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl; Theodora Goss; Saga
Best Novella
  • In an Absent Dream; Seanan McGuire ; publishing 
  • To Be Taught, If Fortunate; Becky Chambers ; Harper Voyager 
  • The Haunting of Tram Car 015; Clark, P. Djeli; publishing 
  • In the Shadow of Spindrift House; Mira Grant; Subterranean Press
  • Minor Mage; T. Kingfisher; Red Wombat Studio
Best Novelette
  • The Narwhal ; Sarah Pinsker; Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea
  • Emergency Skin; N K Jemisin; Forward by Amazon
Best Short Story
  • Any Way the Wind Blows; Seanan McGuire ;
  • Articulated Restraint ; Mary Robinette Kowal ;
  • The Bookstore at the End of America; Charlie Jane Anders; A People’s Future of the United States
  • Old Media; Annalee Newitz;
Best Series
  • Expanse; James S.A. Corey ; Tiamat’s Wrath
  • Incryptid ; Seanan McGuire ; That Ain’t Witchcraft
  • Athena Club; Theodora Goss; The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl
  • Valdemar; Mercedes Lackey; Eye Spy
  • Axiom; Tim Pratt; Forbidden Stars
Best Related Work
  • Becoming Superman ; J. Michael Straczynski; Harper Collins 
  • Transformers: A Visual History; Jim Sorenson; Viz publishing 
  • Hugosauriad: a dinography of the Hugo Awards; Camestros Felapton;
Best Graphic Story or Comic
  • Amazing Nightcrawler; Seanan McGuire ; Marvel
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl vol 9; Ryan North; Marvel
  • Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider vol 2; Seanan McGuire ; Marvel
  • Wonder Twins vol 1; Mark Russel; DC
  • Sunny rolls the Dice; Jennifer L Holm; Scholastic 
Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form
  • Star Trek:Discovery season 2; CBS All Access
  • Avengers Endgame; Disney 
  • Spider-man Far From Home; Sony
  • Good Omens; Amazon
Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form
  • Steven Universe The Movie; Steven Universe ; Cartoon Network
Best Editor, Long Form
  • Lee Harris
  • Navah Wolfe
Best Fanzine
  • Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together
  • Disciples of Boltax
Best Fancast
  • Jay and Miles Xplain the X-men 
  • The Greatest Generation
  • The Greatest Discovery 
  • Our Opinions Are Correct
  • Wow in the World
Best Fan Writer
Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book (not a Hugo)
  • Alien: Echo; Mira Grant; Imprint
  • Sunny Rolls the Dice; Jennifer Holm; Scholastic 
  • Dragon Pearl; Yoon Ha Lee; Disney Hyperion
  • Catfishing on Catnet; Naomi Kritzer; Tor Teen
Astounding Award for the best new science fiction writer, sponsored by Dell Magazines (not a Hugo)
  • RF Kuang; Dragon Republic

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