Sunday, November 2, 2014


Well, we ran into a few delays on the backend and didn't make out initial target of late May / early June. But, Legacy is out, and it's beautiful! It wound up clocking in at just under 300 pages. Also, at the last minute we had to pull out much of the material we'd gathered on the artists. Still, overall the production value on this is just amazing.

But don't take my word for it! TFormers did an excellent review, thorough and hit all the important beats:
Highlight: " I spent an hour on my first browsing of Legacy, and was surprised again and again by the amazing things I found contained within. Whatever expectations I had for this were completely surpassed by the final product."

Here's what Ruel of the Philipeans had to say:
Highlight:  "I waited all year for this book—and it did not disappoint. Go get it."

Here's a video review that goes through each and every page!

Some folks are already using this book to pick up autographs. I think that's a great idea!

Needless Essentials did a great review too:
Highlight: "Transformers Legacy claims to be an art book that collects hundreds of airbrushed paintings from the first decade of the Transformers line. If it wasn’t coming from IDW, Jim Sorenson & Bill Forster, I believe I’d be a little skeptical as I’ve heard similar claims from other authors/companies and got burned before. But this book comes from the same guys who made the GI Joe Field Manuals so I preordered this behemoth way back in February……I’ll cut to the chase right now, it was totally worth it!"

Yet another video review, much more concise. I love the enthusiasm here:

Paul Hitchens of The Spacebridge uploaded a shot of the book next to some of the original art from the book! Nifty. wrote up a cool review:
Highlight: "This is likely to be the best Transformers artbook I ever find."

A third video review:

Auto Assembly's Billy Edwards posted this on their official site: 
Highlight: "Easily one of my favourite purchases of the last 5 years."

Geekcastradio did a (text) review as well:
Highlight: "I have as of this moment become a kid again. "

I'm sure there are more that I've missed, but basically I'm over the moon at the reception this book is getting. Sorry to be away so long, but I've got a one-year-old at home and I'm the primary caregiver so that's going to be the reality for the foreseeable future. 

If you don't have Legacy yet, pick yourself up a copy.

Next up from me: The Complete AllSpark Almanac! When I know what's in it, you'll know what's in it!


drmick said...

Hey Jim, great book. I've bought one and been given one as a gift!

Any chance we might see that artist information in he future on the blog?

Also, what sort of time frame do we have to wait before you know if sales are good enough to justify further volumes?

Jimtron said...

Hi, Doctor Nick, er, Mick!

First off, thanks for the kind words.

I've got some really interesting material from the artists and I'd love to share it. It probably won't be here, but I'm definitely looking for the right venue.

Initial sales have been strong, so you can bet that Bill and I will be pushing as hard as we can for follow-up volumes. There's no set level above which we get an automatic renewal, it's all up to our editors. They'll be considering not only how this volume sells, but how interested they anticipate the audience will be in new material, what other potential publications are vying for limited printing-press time, what Hasbro has planned and probably other things I'm not familiar with. Fingers crossed, though.

(Sorry, I feel like I haven't been able to give you much solid info. Nature of the beast, I'm afraid.)

drmick said...

You had me at "strong" ;)

My guess is that this would be more successful than the Ark and the Almanacs.

The big question, of the fandom in general not just your books, is there demand for Beast Wars?

For me, I missed Beast Wars as it came before I renewed my interest. I went from G1, then came back for Armada. It wasn't long after then that we then had the big boom in the fandom.