Friday, December 26, 2008

The Next Doctor - spoiler free (more or less)

I just finished the Doctor Who Christmas Special for 2008, The Next Doctor. I figured I'd share a few spoiler-free thoughts. Well, mostly spoiler free. Broad brushstrokes I'll share, since it's hard to say anything without ANY spoilers. If you've seen the promos then you're safe.

The Doctor comes to London town, 1851, Christmas Eve. "Nice year," he muses, "a bit dull." That is, of course, the moment that the air is split by a woman screaming for 'The Doctor'. Eagerly, he runs to assist, but she doesn't seem to want HIM. It's another Doctor who she wants, and he isn't long in coming. Played by David Morrissey, he has the right sort of affable charisma of a Timelord. Together, The Doctor and The Doctor fight off steampunk Cybermen in a fun little Christmas tale. Parts of the plot don't make a ton of sense, but then I'm feeling charitable given how enjoyable the extended episode was. Certainly a pleasant way to spend a Christmas (or, in my case, a Boxing Day) morning.


Bishbot said...

That's "David Morrisey", btw. Otherwise I agree with the review. Lots of stuff about the episode that was a bit dodgy, but overall a massive sense of fun - vintage Who.

Well, not VINTAGE Who of course, that would have required at least another forty-five minutes of running up and down corridors and two or three capture/escape scenarios.

Jimtron said...

Fixed his name. I knew he shared a first name with David Tennant - I think I mixed him up with 'John Smith', the Doctor's human alias.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the episode. Morrisey made a very nice "Doctor", and the ending was great for Transformers fans... The BBC keeps surprising me with their budget on "Who"... and Michael Bay needs to catch up when it comes to size now... :)