Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Ark Addendum - Hound's Holographic Driver

This one almost didn't make it out.  I'm pretty swamped, with guests and preparation for BotCon!  However, I managed to find a few minutes for this piece. 

Do you recognize him?  This is Hound's holographic driver from More than Meets the Eye, part 2.  (When I say that outloud, I'm thinking of a computer file that he uses to interface his holographic projector with his main OS... hehehe.)  The page was a bit light so I repeated his vehicle mode.  I looked for one with the driver seated inside, but couldn't find one. 

I kind of wonder where Hound got this image.  Did he pull it out of the airwaves?  Did he happen to encounter someone who looked like this?  Did he extrapolate from the very few humans he had met by that point in the story?  Not that this is a critical plot point, just something that gave me pause. 

So, back to BotCon.  I'm not going to be speaking on a panel this year, what with me not having a new book out, but you'll still see me wandering around the con and attending most of the panels.  If you see me and you read this blog, please come up to me and say hi.  I don't bite (unless you're a particularly nubile female).  It's a great con, so if you're anywhere near LA try to make an appearance.  The door-prices are quite reasonable, though expect to stand in a line to get in.


Ken Christiansen said...

Awesome, I was going to ask if you were going to be at BotCon! I'll have my Arks on hand, maybe I'll be able to stop by for some sigs!

Anonymous said...

Hound was always one of my favorite characters and I think the holograms physiognomy suitably reflects his personality.

You never really get a good look at 'him' in the episode which makes this all that much cooler.