Friday, September 11, 2009

Wedding Photos

Matrimonial Bliss! I finally have a few photos, along with a video of our grand entrance, to share. In keeping with the theme of this blog, I specifically looked for science-fictiony elements to emphasize, like our D&D Dice party favors and the Hot Rod / Arcee cake topper. Enjoy!

Yup, I convinced my bride that The Imperial March would be an awesome way to make our big entrance. Ain't she grand?

Left to right: my brother-in-law Ryan, my sister Liz, and my brother and Best Man David.

Me slipping the ring on her finger during the ceremony.

Groomsmen Bill Forster and Marty Amodeo, with Shana Storey in the middle.

Flowergirl Meridith, niece to the bride.

D&D Dice, mixed in with our more conventional candy bar.

The OTHER happy couple of the day.


Shawn said...

Congrats! Really liked the Arcee and Hot Rod cake toppers!

Rawpower95 said...

Awesome. And now it's giving me ideas (Nancy/Wreck-Gar cake topper, perhaps?).

And, of course, congratulations!

lonegamer7 said...

:D Gratz, Jim!

Apple said...

Sounds like the perfectly nerdy wedding! Congrats and good luck!

Denyer said...

"D&D Dice, mixed in with our more conventional candy bar."

Heh. Awesome.

Congratulations to you both!

Brian said...

Looks like a winning day for all involved, glad you got to "nerd it up" a bit! :)

jeff p said...

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Sorenson.

Fanbot said...

Congrats Jimtron my man. Hope you guys have many happy years together ahead.