Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Ark Addendum - Unicron

I know that I've been straying away from this blog's usual content, and I have to apologize. I've been spending so much time between book launch and my upcoming nuptials (this Saturday! mere days away!) that I haven't had time for reviews. That'll probably continue for a bit, so I figured an extra-juicy Ark Addendum this week. I bring you ... UNICRON!!!

What can one say about the chaos-bringer that hasn't already been said? Not too much. I did manage to get one extra Unicron head onto his page in The Complete Ark, but couldn't bring myself to shrink them down small enough to fit. I figured better to make them available on this blog, now that The Complete Ark is out and I'll most likely not get the chance to revisit this era.

As mentioned above, my wedding is rapidly approaching. Though it'll mostly be fairly traditional, the ever-talented Bill Forster has cobbled together a Hot Rod and Arcee bride & groom cake topper. It seems there will be a bit of Transformers represented after all. (Oh, and the Imperial March will be playing for our grand entrance .... mwah ha ha!!!)

In other news, The AllSpark Almanac is now up to 10 Amazon.com reviews. Amazingly, they're all five stars! In contrast, it took The Ark 8 months to garner 10 reviews, which is where it sits today, and only 7 were five stars. (1 four star, 2 three star ratings.) The Ark II only ever got four ratings, 3 five star, 1 four star. Thanks to everyone who took the time to review. There's still the virgin Complete Ark, btw, if you're feeling frisky ...

(9/2/09 edit: up to eleven now ... I'll not keep updating the count, but I didn't want you to think I was crazy. It was ten last night when I wrote this post.)

That's it from me! There's a swimming pool with my name on it.


jeff p said...

Congratulations Jim, on both the success of the books (still waiting for Amazon to ship them)and your upcoming nuptials.

The Imperial March...I love it. That should be good for some absolutely priceless reactions.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

Arcee and Hot Rod(imus), as it should be. Congratulations! (More the marriage than the topper.)

lonegamer7 said...

Imperial March? What, no "Touch"? ;D

Kid, I kid. Major grats and that topper is oh so appropriate. :D

Caleb Barber said...

Congratulations on tying the knot!