Wednesday, September 30, 2009


All the great reviews of The Complete Ark and The AllSpark Almanac have put me in a review kind of mood. So, some random reviews.

First up, long-time Transformers scribe, (and personal hero of mine,) Simon Furman has recently started doing some reviews for Total Sci-Fi Online. His monthly column is called Comics Candy, and the first edition covers 28 Days Later #1, Punisher Noir #1, G.I. Joe Origins #6 (Scarlett), and several others.

Second up, I thought I'd post some reviews from around the world for the AllSpark Almanac and The Complete Ark. If you're a fan of the English language, Dave Van Domelen does an examination - you'll have to scroll down a bit. If you're more in the mood for some Japanese, you can read this for a brief overview of the Complete Ark - click next at the bottom (and scroll down) for a review of the Almanac. For a longer review of just the AllSpark Almanac, try here. Finally, friend of the blog Carlos gives us a review in Spanish for both books. Know of any reviews in other languages? Give me a holler and I'll post them here.

11/11/09 Addendum: I found a very nice Chinese review here. Warning, big images and slow loading.

1/21/10 Addendum: Here is another review in Japanese.

1/28/10 Addendum: Here is an English review of The Complete Ark

5/2/10 Addendum: Here is a third Japanese review.

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Carlos said...

Sh*t!! I forgot to tell you about that review, how did you find out? ;) Oh btw, do you want me to translate it or something?

Just in case you're interested, two key quotes from my review:

"My top-favourite IDW's TF book EVER" and "it's hard to make it better than this".