Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Podcasts! Podcasts! Podcasts!

Podcasts - they're what's for dinner.

So, podcasts, eh? Downloadable and often streamed internet audio content, perfect for listening to at work or on a long commute. I've been in a couple recently, and a third is giving away some copies of The AllSpark Almanac as a prize!

Let's start with a few weeks back. I was interviewed by Kal-El Prime and Chris McFeely on the Moonbase 2 Podcast. Long-term readers will remember that this is not my first Moonbase 2 show, which I did back in December 2008. Chris McFeely is the guy who has written up the Annotated AllSpark Almanac, wherein he catalogs most of my crazy Easter eggs. (Still missing a handful there, Chris.)

Then, in a podcast that airs tonight, I am interviewed by Radio Free Cybertron, which is the undisputed first Transformers podcast and one of the earliest podcasts ever. Tune in tonight to check it out.

Finally, while I'm not actually on this one, episode 15 of ToyCast over at the GeekCast Radio Network is giving away two copies of The AllSpark Almanac. You'll have to listen to the show to get the details, but if you can answer a trivia question you'll get your name in a hat and possibly win one of these books.

Podcasting ... won't you?

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