Monday, September 14, 2009

Iván's Gallery: Junkion Nancy

After a bit of a break, Iván's gallery returns. This week Iván brings us the Junkion Nancy, who showed up in The Big Broadcast of 2006, one of the few stories to appear in both comic and cartoon form. The name makes its way to us from Japan, where it either appeared in the episode itself or in some of the supplemental material published there.

Incidentally, I'm a big fan of the Junkions, so when one of the guys who originally drew them agreed to help Bill and I brainstorm some names for them I was quite happy. Now, in addition to Wreck-Gar, Nancy and Detritus (an e-hobby exclusive Hound repaint), we have Junkyard, Scrapheap, HAZMAT, Ashtray, Trashbin, Greasestain, Rubbish, Wasteoid Gamma and Re-Cycle. We even talked a bit about their personalities, though I didn't have room to work it into  Transformers: The Complete Ark (order it today!). (Rubbish is a big fan of the Britcom, for instance, while Re-Cycle likes documentaries and Ashtray can't get enough of reality television.) I included some of this in a spec script I wrote for a Spotlight: Wreck-Gar, but alas it hasn't been something that fit into IDW's editorial vision/schedule.

Enough about me, though, here's what the artist has to say about the piece:

Nancy is a character which has not been discussed too much and the fans do not know much. She appeared in the marvel comics as the wife of Wreck-gar, It would have been a good idea in any Spotlight show with him.

It would be another way to expand the universe transformer, clearly the design of this character is inspired by the race of Lithones.

This will be one of the pannels from one of the Mosaics I've done and will serve as a presentation, about how this character would have gone along with Wreck-gar.

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