Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Ark Addendum - Darkwings' Weapons

One of the elements that I have available to me that didn't make it into any of the books is detailed views of the Masterforce weapons. Actually, I was almost always able to get the actual weapons in, though not always as large as I'd have liked them. But I typically had two views of each character, one holding their weapons, one without. And so, this week's Ark Addendum - the Darkwing brothers, carrying their weapons, as well as more detail on the guns themselves.

I'm a big fan of alternate views of the characters like this, but unfortunately I didn't have room for in The Complete Ark. Incidentally, while the AllSpark Almanac is doing great, The Complete Ark is dying in the Amazon.com reviews ... come on, Amazon reviewers, don't you know what an animation model is? And if you don't, why are you buying the book in the first place? Anyone who's read the book, a little review-juice would be much appreciated.

EDIT: As of 7:30 PM, PST 9/29/09, we're up to five reviews, three of them positive. I appreciate everyone who took the time to share their opinions. These things really help undecided people make an informed decision as to whether or not to purchase.

By the way, is there any interest in seeing Gobots animation models on this blog? I recently came into a few. Let me know!


jeff p said...

"By the way, is there any interest in seeing Gobots animation models on this blog? I recently came into a few. Let me know!"

Oh, hell yeah!

fairplaythings said...

Absolutely! There is absolutely interest in seeing Gobot animation models.

And I don't understand why people wouldn't understand exactly what the book was before they bought it. I thought it was self-evident what the content was.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent post! I am glad these animation models are getting published.

Seems some people don't understand the purpose behind the book. Or maybe they were looking for something else.

I don't know if I am of the majority here but I would love to see some Go-Bots models, too.

Caleb Barber said...

As someone who has been scouring the web from as far back as the year 2000, I can honestly say a book of Transformers model-sheets is priceless, well worth it's weight in gold (most especially if your a fan artist!). Something like this being published in the states was inevitable because quite frankly the market was always there.


SeanRM said...

I can't really review the Complete Ark, since I picked up the two seperate editions, but I love these books! These are quite simply the best gift an artist could get since the 80's Handbook to the Marvel Universe.

Any time I need to draw a Transformer character I always refer to these.

I always look forward to your Ark Addendum posts, and get a kick outta seeing the "deleted scenes". I hope you do post the Gobot models, as I would really dig seeing them.

Carcass said...


I've got a slew of GoBots animation models. I'd always love to see more.

Jimtron said...

Carcass, drop me a line. I'd like to compare notes. I've got some gaps in my collection and perhaps we could help each other out.

Zobovor said...

I always thought that Marvel Comics must have gotten a weapon-less set of models for Darkwing and Dreadwing, since their TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE profiles specifically mention that Dreadwing only uses his wrist-mounted guns (which are there on the toy, if you squint a little) and Darkwing apparently likes to fistfight.

Carcass said...


Will do.