Monday, May 18, 2009

Iván's Gallery: Mega

Well, in the process of putting together The Complete Ark, I've got some new Masterforce material that I'd love to include a bit of. In that spirit, another edition of Iván's gallery, this time Lady Mega. Here's what he has to say about her:

Masterforce that I usually do not have too much acceptance. Why ?!

I confess one thing, I'm sick of optimus and megatron. The transformers fan basically takes 25 years to live about this characters. Masterforce gives us the option to see and learn a new universe.
Lady Mega is one of the characters that attract me more of that world. Its design is outlandish, remember to witches in the movies or stories for children of the eighties. The truth is that I love the armor, maybe because it reminds me of Rom, great series, incomprehensibly neglected, drawn by Buscema.
The concept of medieval knight armor, like me, too. Great character, great personality, one of noble decepticon leader.

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