Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ark Addendum - Wipe's Transformation

This week's edition of The Ark Addendum features what is probably my all-time favorite extended transformation sequence - that of Wipe AKA Mindwipe.

The level of detail is just fantastic - from Vorath jumping out, to the gun popping out of his leg Robocop style, (though, given the timeline, probably just a coincidence), this model has it all.

Wipe fared better than some of the other Decepticons in Headmasters - his hypnotic powers made him a bit more menacing than his Headmaster compatriots.

I hope you enjoy!


Zobovor said...

Snazzy! They lose points for drawing him with an Autobot symbol, but overall it's a really visually impressive sequence. (Aww, does this mean Vorath doesn't get to ride on his back like a flying pony, like he does in the American cartoon?)

Salt-Man Z said...

Interesting how this differs from the actual >toy's transformation...