Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Autobot City concept art (part 3)

Welcome to part three of my ongoing exploration of the concept art of Autobot City.  This is the right side of the paper, which includes Floro Dery's signature and the date (8/16/85).  It also includes the information about the city closing up like a fist.  Neat stuff!


Hans said...

Wow, what a masterpiece! I really love Floro's artstyle, and his designs really added an extra dimension to "the cartoon about Transforming robots", really made it fantasy-like at times. He's the main reason Transformers the Movie looked the way it does, I think.
Only logical that posting these designs got you a reply from mr. Nelson Shin last time around, as he was the director. I hope he realises now you got these through official channels.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! :)