Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Ark Addendum - The Insecticon Syndrome (Part 2)

This week, it's time for the Ark Addendum from The Insecticon Syndrome, part two.  We get some really nifty interiors and exteriors in this episode, including the Nova Power Plant and the Iron Mountain military base. 

It was consuming the Nova Power Core that made the Insecticons grow large and unstable.  Really, the episode has a very odd structure.  The Insecticons are enlisted to help the Decepticons, attack a power plant, grow large, attack the real target, turn on the Decepticons.  All the while, they're getting ready to explode... it's just sorta random.  It almost feels like two episodes smushed together.  As much as I have a nostalgic bone for the classic Transformers, newer shows really are much tighter and more well written. 


Anonymous said...

Say, was the Iron Mountain exterior used in the episode? I don't have time to watch the ep at the moment, but the pic on the Obscure TF site shows a purplish art-deco pyramid that looks almost Cybertronian. Was the building in the bottom left near the main structure?

I didn't see The Insecticon Syndrome 'till G2, and while I liked the Decepticon/Insecticon interaction, the one prolific use of Cerebro-Shells, and Shrapnel and Ironhide sustaining visible damage, I agree that something felt a bit off about this one.

Oh, to live on...

Ir-on Moun-tain...


D.M said...

"Say, was the Iron Mountain exterior used in the episode?"


Felicity Walker said...

Iron Mountain is also the name of the home of the wizard Merklynn in the 1980s animated series Visionaries. It’s also the name of a company here in my city, which currently seems to be a document shredding company! As a Transformers fan it’s fun seeing trucks go by with ads on them to the effect of “the destructive power of Iron Mountain”!

And Anonymous above is right—ISTR the Iron Mountain in the episode being more pyramid-like, with a tapered base, sort of like one of the robots in the Technodrome in the second episode of the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.