Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Ark Addendum - The Insecticon Syndrome (Part 1)

The Insecticons!  In their introduction in season one, they seem to be rivals to Megatron.  Season two, though, only played with that idea inconsistently.  Sometimes, like in this episode, or in The Revenge of Bruticus, they were at odds with ol' Bucket Head.  Sometimes, like in Enter the Nightbird, they seemed like just one of the gang.  I suppose that, back then, it was harder to write to continuity. 

My favorite model from this episode is no doubt the cerebro-shell.  I tried to sneak it into The Complete Ark, but I just didn't see a way to get it on to Bombshell's page.  There is a blank space in the center of the page that looked like a good place to put it, but it just destroyed the visual.  I tried putting it where the heads are now, which looked good, but then the heads looked weird in the middle.  The page designs for Shrapnel and Kickback were just too uniform to make the deviation work.  Alas!  So, I feature it here.  Sadly, in the episode itself, they just looked like a pink packet of energy. 

Next week, more of the same!

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Anonymous said...

The interior shot Insecticon Cavern says 'restroom'. That's one area of the fandom I don't think has ever been touched upon.