Thursday, March 11, 2010

Interviews! Articles! Overexposure!

I'm everywhere!

First up, I wrote an article for the first Transformers fanclub magazine of 2010.  My subject? Transformers: 2010.  No, not the line for this year, the line from 1986 in Japan.  (In the US, season 3 took place during 2006.  In Japan, it was 2010, and that's what they named the line.)  Now, normally you have to buy a membership to get the magazine, but the good folks have made a PDF of the magazine available to non-members.  Download it and check out my article. 

I've also been interviewed on the Geek Radio Network.  Specifically, you can hear TFG1Mike interview me on their 49th Toycast.  He covers my fandom in general, then moves on to questions about both Almanacs.  They also have details about a contest to win Recon Ravage.  Give it a listen!

In other news, still hip-deep in the Almanac II, so I'll be holding off on reviews for a bit more.  Bad news for the blog, but good news for readers everywhere come June.

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Caleb Barber said...

Studio OX art is fantastic, as much for their overly detailed modeling as the stylized way they color- it's why I own a copy of Visual Works. If not for Transformers fandom & the wonders of the internet, many of us wouldn't even know about them.