Saturday, August 1, 2009

More Font Fun!

I just learned that one of my fonts will feature in the cover of the upcoming All Hail Megatron Volume 3 (formerly Spotlights Volume 5.) It's by the incomparable Trevor Hutchison, who did some absolutely amazing covers for All Hail Megatron. I find his propaganda style to be wonderfully appealing and hope that I get the chance to work with him some day. You can visit his website or his deviant art page to see more of his work.

If you're interested in some Autobot (or Decepticon) typography, you can download both from the Transformers wiki. Both fonts have been used in official Transformers products, including the Burger King Transform Your Way promotion, the new Revenge of the Fallen video game, and a web ARG from Activision.

So, check out the spotlights. I think the cover alone is worth picking up the book for, though of course there are also the really nifty tales by Shane McCarthy, Andy Schmidt and the duo of Josh van Reyk & Shaun Knowler.


Sam said...

Awesome. I love Trevor's artwork. Hope they do a book of all his cover art. You should write it with your font :)

Javier Reyes said...

I am so picking this up.

Congrats on another win with the font! It's really sick!

Mark Baker-Wright said...

What? No shout-out for the usage of the fonts on BotCon 2009 Banzai-Tron?

Jimtron said...

Thanks for the kind words. And yup, Banzai-Tron uses Ancient Autobot too!