Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Ark Addendum - The Immobilizer (part 2)

Howdy, faithful readers and newcomers alike! This week's Ark Addendum finishes off The Immobilizer with some backgrounds. Now, it's true, they're nothing really spectacular, but on the other hand, the idea that Spike and Bumblebee meet Carly at a place called Robots Video Arcade is so delightfully Transformers that it brings a smile to my face. 


D.M said...

Pac-Man, Spider-Man, Star Trek... Megatron's space invaders? :P

Anonymous said...

Except Pac-Man looks something like Pig-Man/Pic-Man. Also, Racer, Dragons, something (?) Dragon, Robot Rescue (Bumblebee's favorite apparently) and Bort. Not bad for a made-up arcade in 1985!

The Central City model-sheets are some of my favorites, this is a good selection.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, "ROBOTS VIDEO ARCADE" really makes me believe there was a spy disguised in a pinball machine alt mode inside, corresponding with his cash register buddy in the "ROBOT MARKET" across the street. Any evidence of a Transformers/Convertors crossover also implies that Whirl and Roadbuster could be hiding out in the cartoon masquerading as non-sentient human mecha.

Nothing takes me back to 1985 like recapturing the feeling that all those competing transforming robot toy lines somehow actually took place in the same awesome universe.

Awesome entry!


Felicity Walker said...

The Pac-Man and Spider-Man video games make me think of that episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends that took place in an arcade