Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Ark Addendum - More than Meets the Eye

A day late, but time for another Ark Addendum!  I'm a bit pressed for time, so minimal commentary this time out.  It's More than Meets the Eye, the very first episode or three of The Transformers.  I've already posted some of the models from this episode, including some stuff from about the Autobot's ship in The Complete Ark.  Here are some of the landscapes that I haven't used yet.  Quite nice, I think.  They really help set the tone for the series to follow, especially season one.  Two broadened the artistic palate, and three went in many fantastic and bizarre directions.

Oh, I've also got some models of the construction of the Victory, the Decepticon spacecraft built in this episode, kicking around somewhere.  I'll try to post them in the near future. 


Anonymous said...

Incredibly spectacular. Some of the same style choices made it in to the Movie as well: the use of grouped lines for panels, spacing basic shapes within other shapes, octagon floor patterns and the hexagonal shaped entrances for cybertron tech. Love the fractal like patterning for the mountainous cliffs. Beautiful.

More please.

D.M said...

The landscape one is where Laserbeak chased Hound and Cliffjumper. :)

Jimtron said...

I think you may be right, D.M., though the model is called 'landscape near Autobot HQ'.

Cavalier said...

Awesome! Keep the Addendum's coming I absolutely love this stuff. So inspiring for my writing and artwork