Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Ark Addendum - Divebomb's Transform

Continuing the theme started last week, this edition of The Ark Addendum looks at the extended transformation sequence of Divebomb, the Predacon.  It's really a very simple transform -- his legs and arms tuck in a bit, and he's done. 

What's fun about Divebomb, for me, is the serendipity surrounding his name.  You see, Divebomb was a name proposed by Bob Budiansky for Swoop.  For whatever reason it was rejected, but Furman picked up on that and had Swoop make reference to 'back when I was Divebomb' in a story.  Lo and behold, a Decepticon named Divebomb shows up the next year, and so Furman weaves this together into a story about how Swoop lost his name to this Predacon.  Nifty stuff; Furman seems to excel at taking lemons and making lemonade.

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craggy said...

wow, I remember the stolen name story, but hadn't ever been aware up until now that it was published before the Predacon Divebomb was around. That's great.