Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Ark Addendum - Skull's Transform

I'm less than 24 hours away from the start of my journey to Auto Assembly.  I'm very much looking forward to heading back to the UK. (I spent a semester studying math, ah, mathS, in London) Hopefully, if you're a UK resident and are reading this blog, you'll show up and say hi.

Since I'll be away, this will probably be the last blog post for the next week or so, depending on what the internet situation is.  I figured I'd leave you with a cool Ark Addendum.  This week, it's a transformation sequence from Headmasters, the villainous Skull, the Japanese counterpart to Skullcruncher. 

Actually, Skull isn't that villainous really.  He owes more to the bumbling thug archetype than to anything really nasty.  The transform, though, makes him look pretty bad-ass.  I like that he neither starts nor ends in his traditional character model pose.  The ending, in particular, has a nice feel to it, what with the extended sword and the bend knees.

BTW, one of my favorite D&D characters ever was a half-orc barbarian, very high STR and CON, very low INT and CHA, named Grax Skullcruncher.  I wonder where I got that name from...

Oh, and don't forget, there are still five more days to bid on the LOOSE exclusive from SDCC, Wonder Woman's invisibible jet.  Remember, all proceeds go to charity.  Head on over to ebay to place your bids.  Right now it's a steal at $1.50 or so.


Duh_Prez said...

Safe Journey dude, see you there!...umm...here!

Billy :)

Anonymous said...

SKULLCRUNCHER TOTALLY NEEDS TO BE MOLDED IN NEW COLORS AS ALLIGATORCON!!! Heh. Sorry, I've had that though in my head for ages and finally found the opportunity to let it out. :P But seriously, they should do Alligatorcon as a Botcon exclusive, don't you think? The robot mode isn't big on articulation, but the gator mode is where it's at (working jaws!). Also dosn't matter that he only lasted one episode, he was still cool.

Anyway, hope a great time was had at Auto Assembly,

Billy. Balis. Liftgate. Whoever I am. :p
(yes, back from a long internet hiatus)

PS: apparently you know 3 Bill(y)s. I'd have to say the chances of that are quite slim, considering I've only ever meet two other people named Billy in my entire life. Or wait, does Bill and Billy count as the same name? Errg, too much thought, I give up. :D

Garden Spider said...

Very nice. I also like the manga style of the panels.
Its always cool to see how the Transformers transform in slow motion, rather then the fast transforming they do in the show.