Saturday, August 27, 2011

Root Beer 1 - Frostie

A few weeks back I got myself ten things of gourmet root beer, and promised to share some thoughts on them.  The other day, I had the chance to sit down, watch me some Torchwood and enjoy myself the first of my many splendored beverages.  This week was Frostie Root Beer.

Frostie Root Beer has been around since 1939, though it has changed ownership several times since then.  I had high hopes for this, the first of my Root Beer excursions.  Alas, I was a bit disappointed.  It certainly had more bite than most mass-market brands, which I appreciated.  But there was a slight but distinct chemical aftertaste that belied the small-town image that the bottle conjures.  It was also sweeter than I prefer my root beer.  I'd say that, for a micro-brewery, it was only about a C+.  Side by side with , say, A&W, it's pretty comparable. 

Note: I like A&W quite a lot, it's my default mass-market root beer.  Keep in mind, though, it's about a third the price of this beverage. 

I imbibed this drink with a lovely meal of veal parmigiana, a goat cheese and raisin salad, some steamed vegetables, and two kinds of garlic bread accompanied by some extra virgin olive oil for dipping.  I think the root beer was a good choice to accompany the meal, though if you're a wine aficionado you might disagree.  It went particularly well when washing down the bread.

The entertainment for the meal was episode 8 of Torchwood: Miracle Day.  I'm enjoying the series quite a lot, and guest star John de Lancie all but stole the show.  The ending was a bit odd - dramatic, but not really a cliffhanger.  I assume next week, the penultimate episode of the season, will end on something a bit bigger. 

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Hans said...

My wife and I are absolute Doctor Who junkies, so when the Torchwood spin-off first came out, we watched it right away. The stakes have never been higher than they are now, though, and we are enjoying this new "American" season a whole lot. Given Torchwood's penchant for killing off main characters, we have already been placing bets on who won't make it past the season finale... our money's still on Rex, because, obviously, Captain Jack can't really die.... yet. We have seen the Face of Bo (Beau?), after all :)