Monday, August 1, 2011

The Ark Addendum - Seizan's Transform

Another week, another Ark Addendum!  Continuing the theme that I've been exploring, I bring you another transformation of one of the Trainbots.  This is Seizan, the Blue Mountain.  Why Blue Mountain?  Ummm... not sure.  I was happy to find out that Suiken, 'Water Fist', was the Drunken Boxing style of Martial Arts.  Anyone know what significance Blue Mountain might have?

More SDCC photos!  I feel like I fit right in with the Imperials.

Doesn't Daphne look adorable?

Bill gets his Slave Leia on!

Jim Sorenson - TIME LORD!

OK, more SDCC photos next week!


Hans said...

Cool pics! That Tardis looks exactly like the one in London, outside Earl's Court station :)

Best I could discover using Google is that the word "Seizan" has something to do with Karate.

That, or a Japanese restaurant :P

Keep the Trainbots coming! I love those guys.

Jeff Jacobson said...

青山 せいざん
1: blue or green mountain;
2: grave; burial place

Anonymous said...

Might be a play on words (like a double meaning) or possibly just lost in translation. Sometimes certain words just sound interesting labeled a certain way without having direct connotation with anything.