Monday, January 31, 2011

Ron Friedman auction - Scripts! (Part 2 of many!)

More scripts!  I've gotten a few more of the Ron Friedman Transformers scripts scanned and OCRed, so I hope you enjoy.  Some of these you can see the original dialogue before his revisions, like these examples from Day of the Machines. 

Original Dialogue: 

Skyfire: What're you doing, Spike?

Spike: You've got metal bodies, so you couldn't do a thing with this.  But they shouldn't have locked a human in here...!

Spike (cont.): That's Megatron for you! Always thinking like a machine.

Revised Dialogue: 

Skyfire: Careful with that thing, spike.

Spike: Hey, I don't have a metal body so it's no problem for me.  Megatron should have thought of that...
Spike (cont.): ...because it's going to cost him!

Neat stuff, huh?  here are the download links to Auto-Berserk, Day of the Machines, The Insecticon Syndrome, and The Master Builders.


Day of the Machines:

The Insecticon Syndrome:

The Master Builders:

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D.M said...

Huh... odd that Day of the machines features some early Constructicon names.

And at last we know what the Dinobots were meant to be saying in that episode during the battle with the machines! :D