Monday, June 8, 2009

Iván's Gallery: Overlord

Overlord! A thoroughly awesome Decepticon. He's the leader of the Destrons in Masterforce (more or less - he's beholden to Devil Z, and Black Zarak is the overall Destron Commander, but day to day he's the guy). Made up of two humans, he's got an interesting dual-identity going on. I'm glad that in The Complete Ark, I was able to expand him out to four pages, so you can really appreciate how cool his design is.

Overlord isn't just one of my favorite characters, he's also one of Iván's. Thus, todays edition of Iván's Gallery. Here's what the artist has to say about this piece, in his own words:

Well... about Overlord..

One of the bests transformer ever. Overlord is tone of the greats decepticons leader, strongest, honorable, intelligent, brilliant. Robot form is spectacular, very complete figure, and playable, very funny the tank, the jet, the base mode .. all in Overlord is good.
We could be talking for hours on this great character, He is also the only one who manages to defeat Ginrai in the masterforce series. This illustration is a design I made for Jim, for a project, it is a pity that did not take place, as many fans who do not know it would have been amazed by this great leader Decepticon.
A real pity.


Bishbot said...

Great work Ivan! The sheer level of detail on that model is amazing.

Jimtron said...

I know! He did an especially nice job on these pieces. Did you notice that the background is Overlord's base mode?

Anonymous said...


Caleb Barber said...

That is some insane detail- nice work Iván!

Carlos said...

absolutely amazing. Outstanding detail, and my top-fav TF character ever.