Thursday, May 14, 2020

Big Nate: the Gerbil Ate My Homework by Lincoln Pierce

With schools closed for the pandemic, I’ve been getting more and more ebooks for my 7-year-old to read. She was talking over the fence with her 8-year-old neighbor about books and he recommended the Big Nate series. She’s been enjoying them, and when I saw this new book on NetGalley, she said she’d write an review if I got it for her. Here it is:

“The Big Nate book series is about a boy name Nate who gets in a bunch of trouble and doesn’t have the best grades and doesn’t really like his teachers and he goes to beaches and he goes to school and sometimes in the panels he is just sitting with a water bottle. 

There are almost 50 Big Nate books and I don’t think that they get any worse throughout the whole series if anything they get really good because it has Big Nate doing mischief with his teachers or playing pranks on his friends but it’s always interesting. 

The one other thing that I don’t really like is that Big Nate isn’t very nice to his friends and family or his teachers people he gets bullied a lot but he also is mean to other people.”

From what I’ve read, it seems a little less crass than the Captain Underpants books, but it hits the same vibe. I will note that I didn’t love all of the language. On one page, a character called something “lame”, which is an ableist word that I would rather my children not be exposed to. 

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