Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Seanan McGuire’s Laughter at the Academy

Seanan McGuire can do it all - fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Her stories are equal parts funny, tragic, and inspiring. This is her first short story collection under her own name and I sure hope it’s not the last. Her pseudonym, Mira Grant, had a collection a few years back of short stories in her Newsflesh universe, but, unlike that collection, nothing in this volume comes from one of her established universes (although I would sincerely love to read more stories set in the Dollmaker’s world or after the dinosaur apocalypse).

Ms. McGuire is one of the most prolific novelists writing today, but, as someone who does not read a lot of anthologies, I did not realize that she was an equally prolific short story writer. If you are like me, coming to all of this material fresh, you are in for a treat! Also some tricks along the way (after all, it is being released on Halloween).

If you already love her work, buy this book. You won’t regret it. If you are new to her work, this book is an excellent introduction to Seanan McGuire’s incomparable talents.

Ms. McGuire is not only an amazing storyteller but an all around fantastic person. I have had the good fortune to meet her at several signings at both NYCC and my local comic book store, and I cannot stress enough how wonderful she is. I was lucky enough to be granted an eARC of this book though Net Galley, but that didn’t stop me from preordering a physical copy from Subterranean Press. I can’t wait to get it signed by Ms. McGuire next year!

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