Saturday, June 2, 2012

Farscape Geekwatch: S01E04 and S01E05

Two more episodes of Farscape, watched by us recently.

Episode 4, Throne for a Loss, featured a juicy one.  Crichton compares the TavloidTavlex gauntlet weapon to a well-known DC superhero: "Willpower. Like the Green Lantern's ring."

Honorable mention to his Wile E. Coyote nod.  It's not genre, but it's cute. Oddly, these dudes will show up again.

Episode 5 featured no overt Crichton geekisms, though the title itself is a sci-fi nod: Back and Back and Back to the Future.   This episode DOES hold the distinction of being the first legitimately good episode of the series.

Farscape: The Complete Series is for sale on  Should you get it?  Well, not for this episode, but... better days ahead.


Anonymous said...

Never found the time to watch the show but I remember it striking me as appearing better then some of the others Sci-Fi had at the time. It had that shot on film look that ST:TNG had. I would guess they had some of their actors under special contracts because they'd show up in other SF shows, Ben Browder being one example.

Jimtron said...

It's a fantastic show, one of the best space operas out there. It starts slow, but by the end of S1 it gets there.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to start watching it then, at least when I get a spare second again.